Definition of Urban Agriculture:

Urban agriculture or urban farming is the practice of cultivating, processing, and distributing local food in or around a city.

The purpose of the OHG Education Farm is to create education around our local food system. As more of us seek to have more input into how our food is grown, how it is treated after being harvested, and how it moves from one place along the food route to another, this community urban farm becomes a means to increase access to education around locally grown food and a way of reintroducing the public to the many aspects of food that we have lost as a culture.

Fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs produced from the education farm may be donated or sold to local Orange restaurants, sold at the OHG Farmers & Artisans Market, or sold to schools for use in their lunch program.

Farm Management:

The OHG Education Farm is run and managed by Orange Home Grown for the community at large. We are looking to create a volunteer farm team that would consist of 10 food harvesting, chicken-loving, garden building volunteers dedicated to growing the farm and the farm program. If interested, please contact our volunteer coordinator Angela Nichter for more information.

What to Bring when Volunteering at the Farm:

Please bring a hat, gardening gloves, water bottle (with water), sunblock, a snack, and wear close-toed shoes for your safety, along with a copy of our signed volunteer waiver. We look forward to seeing you!

Farm Location & Hours:

The farm is located at 356 N. Lemon Street, Orange, CA 92866. The farm is open from dawn to dusk when an Orange Home Grown representative is present on site. Please contact Megan Penn for additional information about the farm, or if you would like to schedule a tour. A big THANK YOU to Chapman University for use of this property to grow food for the community!

Farm parking:

Please park on a non-permitted Street and walk to the farm, or ride your bicycle. Bicycle parking provide on site. Parking passes can be provided if notified of your visit in advance.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

NAVEL= $500
VALENCIA= $1,000
CARA CARA= $3,000

*Sponsorship opportunities will be listed on a plaque displayed at the farm, and will be listed as a “Community Partner” on our website with a link to your webpage.

1. Benches = $500 each (2)
2. Raised Vegetable Beds = $1,000 each (4)
3. Fruit Trees = $500 (10)
4. Grape Vines/ Trellis = $500 each (1)
5. Compost Bins = $500 each (4)

*The naming opportunities would be given for a period of up to ten years or less if the farm is dismantled before then. The above donated items have the opportunity for a plaque made and placed on or in front of the specific item.

• Pulley cart or wagon (2)
• Lights (string lights and one stationary light)
• Potting table wood
• Locks for gate
• First aid kit
• Hooks/shelving in shed
• Sundial
• Power rototiller (preferably battery operated)
• Weather vane
• Umbrellas and stands (4)
• Trash cans (3)
• Farming Tools (Shovels, hoes, rakes, gloves, etc.)
• Irrigation Supplies