Cool Season Vegetables- OHG Education Farm FREE Talk

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Cool-season veggies grow best at temperatures averaging 15° cooler than those needed by warm season types. Many have edible leaves or roots such as lettuce, spinach, carrots, and radishes. Others, like artichokes, broccoli, and cauliflower are grown for their immature flowers. A few, like peas and broad beans produce edible seeds. Most cool-season vegetables can endure short periods of frost. … Read More

Farmer’s Market to Table Dinner

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Invitation- Farmers to Market

The first ever “Farmer’s Market to Table Dinner” in Orange County is here! Enjoy an Al Fresco meal under the stars at the historic Villa Park Orchards Packinghouse. Featuring locally sourced, sustainably grown, and ethically harvested seasonal foods, prepared by some of the most talented chef’s in Orange County. This will be an amazing evening you won’t want to miss, … Read More

Old World Bread Baked for You in Old Towne Orange- GrampyPats Style

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Slow and clean bread is yours to be enjoyed at the Orange Home Grown Farmer’s & Artisans Market every Saturday! Patrick Jeannette aka GrampyPats (almost famous) Sourdoughs waxes eloquently while describing his bread making process.  He’s been around the world learning the trade and exchanges information frequently with his online baking guild. His most recent trip was to Cortona, Italy, a … Read More

Visit with yogurt makers- Bonjour!

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sheeps milk

Yogurt alchemy is available at the Orange Home Grown Farmers & Artisans Market. Live active probiotic cultures, naturally sweetened, organic ingredients grown by Californian farmers, milk from healthy pastured sheep, make this French style yogurt an Orange Home Grown favorite. Inspired by her physician father, who believes in the healing qualities of food over using pharmaceuticals, and the longevity of … Read More

Visit with Seeds of Xanadu

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Justin loves to cook and he’s been all over the world dining in Michelin star restaurants as part of job working for Tastemade. His roots are dipped in social justice. He is passionate about global food issues such as Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), food justice and access to healthy local food for all. His contribution to society is to help … Read More

A visit with Mom’s Specialty

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Tucked away in a quiet little corner of Orange, is the immaculate kitchen where Mom’s Specialty’s mediterranean magic occurs.  A sweet staff of 5 women, led by on-site manager Julio, the team of 6 prepares everything by hand. When we arrived, their staff was cutting parsley and slicing cucumbers. Freshly made tzatziki was being mixed and Julio was cooking spanokopita … Read More

Seafood Masters at the Market

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Seafood Masters brings fresh seafood to the Orange Home Grown Farmers & Artisans Market every Saturday. While you are sound asleep, owner’s Carla and Christian are up at 4am meeting with local fisherman at the Newport Pier, picking up locally caught seafood to bring to the farmer’s market. Seafood Masters sources the following from the Newport Pier: • Shrimp • … Read More

Farm visit with C&L Farms

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C&L Farms is nestled within the rolling hills of the Central Coast in the City of Nipomo. C&L Farms is a partnership between three young men who specifically grow food for farmers markets. Rafael Cardena is a second generation Farmer. His father started growing in this valley back in 1983 with one acre of land, and now owns over 176 … Read More

Maldonado Growers – A Local Flower Farm in Encinitas

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Fred Maldonado got his start from his Dad, who came to California from Mexico. For over 50 years, his family has been growing flowers in Encinitas, which once was the flower capital of the world. With land values at an all time high, many farmers have sold the land and scaled back their farming operations. In addition, the Netherlands now … Read More

Visit with Future Foods Farms

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Future Foods Farms is unique because it’s local! Located in Brea, it is a sustainable aquaponic farm that produces all organically grown products in 2,000-4,000sf greenhouses. It is also one of the largest aquaponic farms in the state! Growing this way saves up to 90% water, and the produce is highly nutritive. Adam Navidi is a farmer, chef, entrepreneur and … Read More