A day spent with All Green Farm

orangehomegrownfarm visit

All Green Farm is a 20 acre farm tucked away in the big boulder farm country of Perris CA, only 50 miles from the Orange Home Grown Farmers & Artisans Market. On the farm, we were greeted by Deborah and her son Robin. You can find Deborah most Saturday’s selling their produce at our market. All Green Farm was originally a citrus farm. Many of those thirsty trees have been replaced with more stone fruit, primarily plums, pluots, and pomegranates, with a few specialty peaches, Asian pear, quince, and lemons.

Together with the fruit they bring from their co-op Fresno farm, 20 varieties of stone fruit, including several hybrid varieties of plum and apricot combinations including pluots,(50% plum+ 50% apricot), plumcots (75%plum 25% apricot), and apriums (75% apricot and 25% plum) come to the market throughout the year. Some names to look for are Raspberry, Emerald, and Watermelon pluots. They also grow pink and red varieties of pomegranates. Did you know that one stonefruit tree can produce 300-500 pounds of fruit? As we walked around the farm, we noticed the fuzzy green fruits gracing some of the trees. Only two more months to market for some of them. We can’t wait!

Yes, this is a truly organic farm! The soil around the trees was graced with blooming wildflowers, buzzing bees and ladybugs feasting on orchard pests. Uncle Kevin, the owner of the farm (Deborah’s brother), uses primarily horse manure from the surrounding neighbors and chicken manure from their own chickens on site to fertilize the soil.

Also known as the “Jujube Lady” at the market, Deborah is well versed in medicinal plants that she enthusiastically shares with family and friends: including ginger, turmeric, and codopnisis, also known as dang shen, an adaptogen similar to ginseng, all used to make medicinal teas and nourishing soups for cancer-free living, according to Farmer Kevin. The jujube tea Deborah sells at the market is also medicinal. At the market, Deborah urges market patrons to sample her tea and offers a “tea kit” consisting of a bag of jujubes, cinnamon, and ginger.

We were honored to learn that All Green Farm currently can only be found at the Orange Home Grown Farmers & Artisans Market on Saturday’s. This small scale family owned and operated farm is a gem, one that we are so fortunate to have participating in our market each week.