A Visit With The Mushroom Man

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Chris Zoeller, otherwise know as” The Mushroom Man” by his family, will be making his debut at the Orange Home Grown Farmer’s & Artisans Market this weekend. Chris and his fiancé live in a charming historic 1930’s adobe home on the boarder of Orange and Santa Ana. Chris found his love for growing mushrooms less than a year ago when his fiancé gave him a mushroom grow kit as a gift. Chris has always loved cooking with mushrooms, but little did his fiancé know that this gift would launch Chris into a quest to learn everything he could about mushrooms.

What started out as one small box, has turned into a full fledged operation taking place in the back house at the rear of their property. Chris uses all stainless steel tools and constantly sterilizes all of his equipment in order to practice safe handling techniques. He is very particular about constantly checking temperatures and humidity, in order to create the perfect environment for his mushrooms. 

Chris, who is working on his Phd in the school of Social Sciences at UCI is very excited about the opportunity to sell his mushrooms at the market this year. Some of the varieties he will bring include Pink Oysters, Mediterranean Oysters, Pearl Oysters, Blue Oysters, King Trumpets, White Elms (which look like oyster mushrooms but are in fact much more delicate), Shiitake Mushrooms, Beech Mushrooms, and Pioppino Mushrooms. Watch out chef’s, because the Pink Oyster’s are out of this world beautiful!! Make sure to stop by and welcome Chris to the market this Saturday!