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Buying Your Values- Know your Grower, Know your Producer

March 22, 2018 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


How can we create a healthier food system/culture one bite at a time?  The food choices we make, what we eat, where we shop and dine, have an effect on our bodies and the planet.  Farmers markets offer much more than buying organic at a grocery store chain.  Farmers markets offer relationships with farmers and small business owners, the most nutritious foods, and they support a closed loop economy with a smaller carbon footprint – all better for our bodies, the planet, and our community.

Join OHG for an insightful evening of sharing followed by Q&A and conversations with:

  • Farmers Edgar & Lidia Jaime – Black Sheep Farms, Riverside
  • Owner Janet Andrews and Nikki Morgan – Backyard Bees, Orange Park Acres
  • Owners Jennifer and Eric Halverson – JenEric Foods creators of Jun, a honey-sweetened fermented drink
  • Lisa David, Orange Home Grown Farmers & Artisans Market Manager and environmental educator – Facilitator

To know your farmer is to know the people who make the choices about production methods and labor practices – all of which define their own value system. When you buy food, you’re buying these values, their values and your values. Every time you shop for groceries or eat out, you vote for the type of world you want to live in and the type of community you want to support.

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