Dare 2 Dream


This past weekend we made our way up to Dare to Dream Farms in Lompoc, Ca. We were happily greeted by Megan Raff, owner along with her husband Jeremy, of the 40 acre farm they lovingly call home. Megan’s excitement to nurture and cultivate people’s desire to be closer and more involved with their food sources was infectious. She has a passion for raising chickens and she, along with her husband, have developed a successful way to do that.

Megan took us around the farm, first stopping to see the pasture raised free range laying hens. I don’t think I have actually seen happier chickens! In addition to lay feed, they forage on rye grass, buckwheat, flax, clover, and sunflowers. These chickens are strictly producing eggs that the Raff’s sell locally to a few natural markets and two CSA’s. Next stop was the 1 acre of organic vegetables that are part of their CSA program. The Raff’s are part of a work-stay volunteer program which pairs up organic farms with volunteers to create an educational exchange for people interested in ecological farming practices. These volunteers help work the farm side by side with the Raff’s.

Last stop was to what I call, the baby chick nursery. The Raff’s have a barn that they use strictly for the growth and development of their baby chicks. They are separated by their age and their need for heat. In order to protect the health of their baby chicks, they are vaccinated for Marek’s and they are raised in a biosecure environment to ensure their optimal health.

This trip up to Lompoc was in preparation for our Orange Home Grown Self-Guided Coop Tour which takes place Saturday June 13th from 12-3pm throughout Old Towne Orange. The Raff’s have donated a brooder kit for the event which will help the recipient of the kit get started with their own backyard chickens. For additional information on how to raise backyard chickens, click on the Dare To Dream Farm link below:

Dare 2 Dream – Raising chickens

We look forward to seeing everyone on June 13th. We will have information available at the tour on how to purchase chickens through Dare to Dream Farms for anyone interested. To sign up for the tour, please click on the event page below. All donations of a minimum of $5 will be entered into our drawing.
Dare 2 Dreams Tour Tickets

All proceeds from this educational event go to the support and development of Orange Home Grown and our mission to cultivate a healthy food system in our community. Thank you for your support and participation.