Farm Visit to Jim and Jeanne Davis Farm in Fallbrook, CA


Today we met with Jeanne and Jim Davis, owners and farmers of a 10 acre parcel in a picturesque canyon in Fallbrook, CA. They purchased the property and planted much of the avocado and citrus trees by hand over the years. They have 4 varieties of avocados, Bacon, Fuerte, Hass, and Reed. Typically you can find kumquats, Meyer lemons, Bearss limes, Mexican limes, Sweet limes, multiple varieties of mandarines, blood oranges, cara cara and navel oranges, figs, guava, mulberries, persimmons, and pomegranates throughout the year in their display at the market. We are so proud to have the Davis Family participating in our farmers market. They are a small family owned and operated farm, with one full-time employee. They farm with integrity and work hard to produce a quality product.

Jim and Jeanne have created a sustainable environment on their farm. They have solar panels to power the farm, they compost on site, and they built a pond on the property to hold water to irrigate their trees from their on-site well. Tilapia live in the pond and keep the water clean. They are not certified organic, but may pursue this classification in the future since they farm using organic practices.

Many of our market patrons know Sunny. Sunny not only sells the Davis’s produce at the market, but he also helps out on their family farm. It was great to run into Sunny today and his smiling face at the farm!