Farm Visit to Neff Ranch in Yorba Linda, CA


Today we made a stop in Yorba Linda to visit citrus and avocado grower Neff Ranch. Their groves are located in the wash adjacent to the 91fwy, off of Gypsum Canyon Road. The property is absolutely beautiful, and many of their citrus trees are well over 50 years old.

We met with Farm Manager Martin Almanza, a farmer who has been growing citrus and avocados and working at farmers markets for over 20 years. Martin was so kind and took us all over the ranch, showing us their most recent plantings of papaya. Yes we said “PAPAYA”. We can’t wait until these beauties reach the farmers market. In addition to papayas, we saw Navel oranges, Meyer lemons, limes, Blood oranges, tangerines, and grapefruit. Scattered around the grovers were reed avocados, which help to pollinate the citrus trees.

Neff avocados come from their property in Tustin, so the avocado trees planted on this property were primarily used to attract the bees. No sprays are used on these groves. They even produce some of their own compost on site. We were so impressed with the quality and care that was given to these groves. UC Riverside has even been invited to do field testing on site. Thank you Neff Ranch and Martin Almanza for the tour today and sharing with us all the hard work that goes into producing such amazing quality citrus. We pledge to ” Know Our Farmer”.