Farm Visit to Pedro Gallardo/Henri Gerwig Farms


Today we made the drive to Fallbrook, CA to tour Pedro Gallardo’s Farm. Pedro’s farm is a neighboring farm to Henri Gerwig’s Farm. They are certified to sell each other’s produce. At our market, look for the Gerwig banner. Here you will find tropical fruits such a dragon fruit (Pitahaya), tropical guava, mango, lychee nuts, passion fruit, white and black sapote, loquat, oro blanco grapefruit, figs, Fuerte, Reed, and Hass avocado, and citrus.

Pedro’s farm manager showed us around the grounds of the farm. They use organic farming practices, allowing the over ripe fruits and dead leave to drop and decompose creating a rick topsoil layer. Here on the farm, they also have llamas, goats, chickens, bees, and pigeons.

This farm is a bit rugged in comparison to other farms due to it’s topography and location. We had a great time wandering the grounds. The views were spectacular, and the amount of dragon fruit plants on the property was incredible. This truly is a gem of a farm and we are so happy to have them selling their produce at the farmers market.