Farm Visit with Black Sheep Farms

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Black Sheep Farms invited Orange Home Grown Farmers & Artisans Market Managers to their 10-acre farm in Ontario, CA. Edgar and his wife, Lidia are second generation farmers and have owned their own farm for six years now. They hope their children, Joshua and Jordan will be able to continue their legacy. When Edgar’s father came to the United States, he began working on a farm and eventually created his own farm, Jaime Family Farms. Edgar learned to farm in his youth and is quite the natural at it. While working for his father, he bridged the language barrier with wholesalers and increased revenue by 300%.

While we explored the farm, we saw purple broccolini purple, green and red cabbage, rainbow carrots, colorful cauliflower, celery, rainbow swiss chard, fennel, green and purple kale, lettuce varieties, mustard frills, red and white onions, watermelon radish and strawberries. They use organic methods and use drip irrigation to save water. They plan to grow more colorful produce and eventually own their land and become certified organic vendors.

Edgar rarely attends farmers’ market because there is so much work to do at their farm but you can find Lidia at our farmers’ market educating, sharing recipes and building relationships with clients. When we asked Lidia what her favorite thing about our farmers’ market was she responded, “The customers because they have become my friends and you get to know the community.” Black Sheep Farms often receives requests from chefs and that inspires what they grow. They are known for their colorful crops and their beets and rainbow carrots are high in demand. We are eager to see what they’ll grow next and look forward to seeing what they’ll grow next!