Backyard Bees

Location Orange Products Honey, honeycomb, beeswax, lotions, lip balm Site Visit Please visit blog post

Fungus Brothers

Location Santa Ana Products A variety of fresh mushrooms, tinctures, dried mushrooms, fungus powder and more

The Almond Guy

Location San Joaquin Valley Products Almonds, almond butter

Ray’s Ranch

Location Temecula Products Variety of certified organic produce, honey, and eggs Site Visit Visit Ray’s Ranch blog post

Smith Farms

Location Fountain Valley, Irvine & Huntington Beach Products A variety of organically grown vegetables, specializing in organic strawberries and lettuce varieties. Site Visit Please see blog post  

Cuyama Orchards

Location Maricopa Products Multiple varieties of apples (seasonal)

Black Sheep Farms

Location Riverside Products A variety of produce, specializing in heirlloom varieties Programs Accept’s WIC Site Visit Black Sheep Blog Post