Gaytan Family Farms


Today we made it out to one of the many properties farmed by Gaytan Family Farms. This property is out in the City of Riverside, about 30 minutes from the City of Orange, not far from Lake Matthews. On this property, we met with farm owner Edelmira, her daughter Maricela, and boyfriend Raul. Edelmira has been farming for over 14 years and has over 40 employees, with the majority of these employees being family. Edelmira can be found working many of the farmers market’s her family participates in each week. The Gaytan Family only sell their produce in certified farmers markets.

This particular piece of property is not certified organic, but the Gaytan’s do not spray their produce with chemicals and they do incorporate some organic farming techniques. Here we were able to see their cauliflower, kale varieties, broccoli, and other winter veggies. Their berries come from their Santa Maria/San Luis Obispo farms. Strawberries and chickens can be found on their Chino property, which is our next stop to visit.

Gaytan Family Farms has been participating in our farmers market since we opened nearly 4 1/2 years ago. We are honored to have their presence at the market each week. They farm with integrity and bring their best quality products to our market each week. Make sure to stop by their booth and thank them for providing us with such superior quality produce every Saturday!