Got Green Drinks?


What do you do if you’ve been a professional health coach for 20 years and when you start posting about your personal juicing program, your clients, friends and family want you to juice for them? That’s how Catherine Rudat started Got Green Drinks? and now owns her very own squeaky clean commercial kitchen. Her cold pressed juice is flash frozen at the peak of nutrition and lasts up to one year in the freezer, 3 days if defrosted.

Today, Got Green Drinks is in 14 local farmers markets, selling their socially conscious juices, containing whole fresh fruits and veggies – organic when possible. GGD gives a frozen pop or a small 8 oz juice to the Orangewood Children’s Foundation for every juice sold at the farmers market. Your juice purchase improves your health and also improves the lives of kids at Orangewood. Catherine estimates that they’ve given over 8,000 juices over 2 ½ years. Got Green Drinks? Also supports Orangewood Samueli Academy and gives back 30% of all profits.
The most popular juice flavors are Got MVP? Got Energy? and Got Ph Balance? You can find GGD at Orange Home Grown Farmers & Artisans Market every Saturday.