Handmade Italian Cheese


Italian Cheese is what they make, but it’s also their business name. Catherine Rudat’s Sicilian grandmother taught her many things beyond family dinners and that’s how to make fresh mozzarella, ricotta, and scamorza cheese. Mozzarella is a traditionally southern Italian dairy product made from buffalo milk. Ricotta is made from whole milk and takes many turns of the spoon to make it light and fluffy. It’s perfect for making savory lasagna, topping spaghetti, or stuffing into cannolis for a light dessert. Scamorza is a more solid mozzarella with a saltier flavor. Scamorza is a perfect cheese for grilled cheese or panini sandwiches, and works nicely in your homemade lasagna. Pair it with sliced heirloom tomatoes and a little basil, olive oil and balsamic drizzle. The jaw dropping parmesan and pecorino truffle cheeses are imported from Italy. Stop by and sample all these delectable cheeses any Saturday at the Orange Home Grown Farmers & Artisans Market.