Jun Kombucha with JenEric Foods

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JenEric Foods is a health conscious husband and wife duo that decided they wanted to go into business together because they love spending time together. After experimenting with beer brewing and mead making, Jennifer and Eric Halverson say the light went on when they started crafting Jun.

Made with locally sourced honey varietals from places like Caspers Wilderness Park, Temecula, and Orange, combined with organic fair trade green tea, Jun felt like a fresh idea that reflects their healthy plant-based foodie sensibilities: quality ingredients, conscientious sourcing, and crafting with care.

JenEric Jun is a fermented drink that’s been described by customers as quite palatable because it’s got a softer, milder taste that’s not as tart or acidic as kombucha. Because it’s made with local honey rather than sugar, it’s got a smaller carbon footprint, and it supports beekeepers and bee populations that are so vital to flower pollination and food production.

This fizzy non-alcoholic drink is a good-for-your-gut healthy substitute for sugary sodas. JenEric’s flavors are provided by the different types of honey such as buckwheat, avocado flower, and sage blossom paired with different green tea varieties such as Jasmine, Gunpowder and Oolong.

Jennifer and Eric love to travel together, checking out farmers markets, artisanal foods, and local vegan/vegetarian restaurants around the globe. Their dream is to grow their business by adding other healthy products, and eventually make JenEric Foods a full time passion.

JenEric Jun is available exclusively at Orange Home Grown Farmers & Artisans Market in earth-friendly refillable growlers and 16oz bottles.