Orange Home Grown Urban Chicken Coop Tour


Orange Home Grown Urban Chicken Coop Tour June 13, 2015 12‐3pm Suggested minimum $5 donation Various locations in the City of Orange Its late spring, the days are growing longer and backyard chickens start producing a lot of eggs! If you are an urban chicken keeper or are thinking about getting chickens of your own, this tour is a … Read More

Feed our Neighbors through Smart Design…

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Ok, so I have done a lot of thinking and dreaming about the idea of planting fruit trees in place of typical street trees along residential streets. When I heard statistics like “50% of the food in America, with a value of a hundred billion dollars, is just wasted” by Timothy Jones, Anthropologist at the University of Arizona, I was … Read More

Innovation with City Municipal Codes

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As an urban planner we constantly find ourselves searching through different City Municipal Codes (CMCs), looking for specific regulations related to projects that we are working on. There are times when I find myself ready to scream from the mind numbing madness that can be found layered among the many chapters of a CMC. It is hard not to wonder … Read More