OHG- Promotes Kindness


Other people are doing it… spreading acts of kindness throughout their communities all over the world! Well we want to do it too! Unexpected kindness creates a powerful moment of shared humanity. The OHG Board met last weekend for their Annual Visioning Meeting, and the direction that was chosen for 2017 is to promote KINDNESS.

Think “Kindness” with everything you do. Your random act of kindness is infectious. You show kindness to someone, they in return show kindness to some else. We want to build up our community with positive support and motivation to make our community a place where people feel loved and supported. It is showing kindness to ourselves and kindness to others that we want to promote for 2017 and beyond.

We are challenging YOU to take part in this effort. We want to hear your inspirational stories and ways that you have shown kindness to others. Let’s come together as a community to be positive role models for our children, our neighbors, our friends, strangers…. anyone we meet who could use a little kindness in their life.

This idea is simple. If you see someone with their hands full, hold the door open for them. If you see an elderly person sitting alone at the farmer’s market, buy a flower or a cup of coffee and sit down beside them and introduce yourself. Leave a hand written note for someone who seems lonely, offer to help out a neighbor with a project if you have some free time on your hands. Spend an afternoon with your children picking up trash at the beach. Look for ways to give back in the community through volunteerism. We want to work to promote kindness with everything we do. Form new habits for positive change- gratitude and well-being go hand in hand. Vote “Kindness” this year and help OHG spread good will.