Seafood Masters at the Market


Seafood Masters brings fresh seafood to the Orange Home Grown Farmers & Artisans Market every Saturday. While you are sound asleep, owner’s Carla and Christian are up at 4am meeting with local fisherman at the Newport Pier, picking up locally caught seafood to bring to the farmer’s market. Seafood Masters sources the following from the Newport Pier:

• Shrimp
• Lobster
• Calamari
• Crab
• Red Snapper/Rock Cod
• Oysters
• Salt prawns
• Blue Fin Tuna (sushi grade)
• Sea urchin (special request only)

Carla prefers buying live fish. She opens the gills and looks for a bright red color. She gently pokes the fish: “If it stays indented, I pass. If the flesh bounces back, it’s fresh.” Only the calamari steaks are frozen because they go through a process of being pounded then dropped in milk prior to freezing to keep their freshness.

Carla developed her fish knowledge as a child in El Salvador where she grew up. She and her siblings would go out to fishing boats and ask for fish for their family. Her uncle taught her how to filet, and now with the proper tools, Carla can de-bone a fish in seconds. Carla processes the fish, weighs, and packages them in Seafood Masters warehouse located in Pico Rivera. Seafood Masters also offers flavorful ceviche’s and seaweed salad.

SUSTAINABLE SALMON – Seafood Masters also offers wild line-caught Salmon by the Nisqually Indian Tribe in Washington State at the farmer’s market. The Nisqually Indians Salmon program is managed by the Nisqually Seafood Marketing Program, created in August 2012. Their mission is to sustain tribal treaty rights through salmon, seafood, and other native-harvested and produced products. They offer premium prices to procure tribally harvested resources and products, offering a positive economic impact for these passionate and hardworking native people.

Here is a link to a documentary about the program and the tribal people:

Salmon is fresh water caught when in season. When out of season, the Nisqually Indians go out to sea to fish. Carla and Christian drive to Santa Barbara to pick up the Salmon to bring it to the Orange Home Grown Farmers & Artisans Market on Saturday’s.