A visit with Gaytan Family Farm- Chickens and Strawberries

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Edelmira is a strong “Badass Latina Farmer”. Always a lady, today she greets us with her manicured hot pink nails, rhinestone cap, and patent leather farm boots. She successfully runs and manages Gaytan Family Farm with confidence and pride. She has a lot to be proud of, managing multiple farm locations from Miraloma all the way to Nipomo, and employing … Read More

Farm Visit to Pedro Gallardo/Henri Gerwig Farms


Today we made the drive to Fallbrook, CA to tour Pedro Gallardo’s Farm. Pedro’s farm is a neighboring farm to Henri Gerwig’s Farm. They are certified to sell each other’s produce. At our market, look for the Gerwig banner. Here you will find tropical fruits such a dragon fruit (Pitahaya), tropical guava, mango, lychee nuts, passion fruit, white and black … Read More

Farm Visit to Jim and Jeanne Davis Farm in Fallbrook, CA


Today we met with Jeanne and Jim Davis, owners and farmers of a 10 acre parcel in a picturesque canyon in Fallbrook, CA. They purchased the property and planted much of the avocado and citrus trees by hand over the years. They have 4 varieties of avocados, Bacon, Fuerte, Hass, and Reed. Typically you can find kumquats, Meyer lemons, Bearss … Read More

Gaytan Family Farms


Today we made it out to one of the many properties farmed by Gaytan Family Farms. This property is out in the City of Riverside, about 30 minutes from the City of Orange, not far from Lake Matthews. On this property, we met with farm owner Edelmira, her daughter Maricela, and boyfriend Raul. Edelmira has been farming for over 14 … Read More