OHG Visit to Ray’s Ranch

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Today we hopped in the car and set out on the 40 minute drive out to Temecula. Right in the heart of wine country lies a 5 acre parcel of land, nestled among rolling hills, rock outcroppings, and eucalyptus trees, where plants and animals get to live the organic way. Today we spent some time at Ray’s Ranch, one of … Read More

The Truth Behind “RAW” Almonds


On September 1, 2007, it became illegal for 100% raw almonds to be manufactured and sold in the United States, with two exceptions (discussed below). You can read the new law and its specific provisions by going to the California Almond Board website at http://www.almondboard.com. The origins of this new law date back to 2001, when an outbreak of Salmonella … Read More

Visit with One Love Tea


Not only are we going out to visit our farmers on location, but we are heading out to visit our food artisans on location in their certified kitchens too! Our second visit took place yesterday with One Love Tea, made here locally in a certified kitchen in the City of Lake Forest. We were fortunate enough to spend the morning … Read More