Visit with Future Foods Farms

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Future Foods Farms is unique because it’s local! Located in Brea, it is a sustainable aquaponic farm that produces all organically grown products in 2,000-4,000sf greenhouses. It is also one of the largest aquaponic farms in the state! Growing this way saves up to 90% water, and the produce is highly nutritive. Adam Navidi is a farmer, chef, entrepreneur and engineer, and owner of Future Foods Farms. His restaurant, Oceans & Earth in nearby Yorba Linda, is noted as a unique dining experience serving organic farm to table and sustainably raised meat, chicken, and fish.

Adam grows tilapia fish, edible flowers, micro-greens, stinging nettle, water cress, tomatoes, basil, climbing spinach, Napa cabbage and lettuce varieties to name a few. Today he’s rented goats to control the vegetation on the property to comply with fire prevention guidelines. He uses old Styrofoam containers recycled from when he purchases his fish, to grow herbs. He’s got wild tomatoes, champagne grapes, and elderberry gracing his property without any care or water. Adam engineered the aquaponic systems to notify him when things are out of balance and is constantly adapting his growing practices to be more resource conserving. “It’s been a process”, he says.

When you step inside one of the greenhouses, you see rows and rows of floating red and green lettuces and fish lightly poking their heads out of the water below. There’s a film of green which indicates high nitrogen levels in the water, which is what lettuces and other greens love. Students from CSUF and other surrounding colleges have studied Adam’s systems to understand more about sustainable growing practices.

Despite his busy life, we are lucky because Adam regularly sells produce at the Orange Home Grown Farmers & Artisans Market. Stop and introduce yourself to Adam on Saturday!