Visit with One Love Tea


Not only are we going out to visit our farmers on location, but we are heading out to visit our food artisans on location in their certified kitchens too! Our second visit took place yesterday with One Love Tea, made here locally in a certified kitchen in the City of Lake Forest.

We were fortunate enough to spend the morning with Joanna and Bryon, owners of One Love Tea. Both were hard at work with their children blending and packaging their signature loose leaf green, black, white, rooibos, honeybush, yerbamate and herbal teas. These healthy hand blended loose leaf teas can be found at the Orange Home Grown Farmers and Artisans Market every Saturday.

In chatting with Joanna, we found out that she has a family history with farmers markets. Her parents kept bees in the City of Irvine and sold local honey at farmers markets over the years. In addition, Joanna spent over 12 years working in a pharmacy watching people overmedicate.  She began to see that so many people were taking medications to counter act other medications. Because of this, she started to study the health benefits of herbs as an herbalist.  Starting in 2010 at a local farmers market, the first booth was set up and it hasn’t stopped since.

We are so fortunate to have One Love Tea at the market each week. We are proud to support small family owned and operated small businesses. Joanna and Bryon take pride in where they source their ingredients, and getting to know some of the families in different parts of the world that grow the herbs for their teas. They are currently in the process of obtaining their USDA 90% organic certification too!

One Love Tea currently offer over 75 blends of tea leaves and herbs, along with their tea infuser bottles. We were so excited to see their most recent kids line, that will be hitting the market the third Saturday of this month, in preparation for our monthly OHG Kids Club.  Caffeine Free and sugar free blends such as Bunny Berry, and Apple Dapple, along with their robot infusers and more.

When asked how they came up with their name, this was the response “To put it simply One Love is to have unconditional love and respect for all living things whether it is human or animal, plant or insect regardless of sex, race or creed.  In a cup of Tea you can have many different ingredients harvested from many different regions of the world by men, women and children from many different backgrounds, different languages, religions with the help of animals and insects.  It all comes together in one cup of tea to bring us joy, warmth, refreshment, nourishment for the body, mind and soul.  To put it simply, One Love is not only a statement but a way of life.  “