Visit with yogurt makers- Bonjour!

orangehomegrownfarm visit

Yogurt alchemy is available at the Orange Home Grown Farmers & Artisans Market. Live active probiotic cultures, naturally sweetened, organic ingredients grown by Californian farmers, milk from healthy pastured sheep, make this French style yogurt an Orange Home Grown favorite. Inspired by her physician father, who believes in the healing qualities of food over using pharmaceuticals, and the longevity of people in Kazakstan who eat a lot of yogurt,owner Kady utilizes her French culinary skills to create the most delicious yogurts on the planet.

Sheeps milk makes naturally richer yogurt and may be a solution to lactose intolerance in some folks.  A couple of flavors are sweetened with date molasses, honey, or stevia leaves, but all the rest are naturally sweet. Talk about slow food, Bonjours (formerly Moon of Paris) yogurt preparation takes 3 days!  Its so thick, some folks spread it like cream cheese.      

Kady also offers a variety of organic salads such as tabouli made with quinoa instead of bulgur wheat, sheeps milk feta cheese varieties, in addition to her superb Parisian style pastries including croissants and fruit galettes.  

This two year venture is growing.  Kady and her husband Medhi work day and night to keep up with the demand. Bonjour can only be found in a very few markets in Orange County. Quality, organic, fresh, healthy, labor intensive, pro-biotic, sugar free yogurt is a rarity.  We are so fortunate to have Bonjour participating in the weekly Orange Home Grown Farmers & Artisans Market! Come say hi to Katy on Saturday’s and sample some of her delicious yogurts! It comes in over 30 varieties!